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  • Dropship - Managing Teams

    Advanced Strategies  

    Learn how to manage teams in Anstrex Dropship and control permissions for each team member.

  • Product Management(III) - Alerts

    Intermediate Topics  

    Product alerts is a handy automated feature that ensures that all the products in your store are in stock with the supplier and your retail store pricing is consistent with the supplier. Learn about this feature in this article.

  • Order Management (III) - Track and Sync Orders

    Intermediate Topics  

    This article covers steps required to track your orders placed with suppliers so that they are in sync with your store and your customers as well

  • Order Management (II) - Auto Fulfil Orders

    Intermediate Topics  

    In this article, we will explain all the steps involved in auto fulfillment of orders to various suppliers including AliExpress, DHGate and Banggood.

  • Order Management (I) - Order Listing View

    Intermediate Topics  

    Anstrex helps you to completely automate your order management with dropshipping suppliers with the aid of our web app and chrome browser extension. This article provides you with a quick overview of the entire process.

  • Settings - Control The Behavior

    Intermediate Topics  

    Learn how to control the behavior of Anstrex Dropship. There are number of controls available for you to make Anstrex Dropship perform the way that is most suitable for your needs!

  • Viral Products (II) - Details Page Layout

    Getting Started  

    In this article, we will look at various elements on the details page of any dropshippable product that is listed on our viral products page.

  • Viral Products (I) - Main Page Layout

    Getting Started  

    The viral products tool helps you to find hottest dropshippable products that have gone viral on various social media platforms. Let's learn on how to use this tool to further enhance your research strategies.

  • Market Research (III) - Top Store Searching

    Getting Started  

    In this article, we will review the search functionality in Top Stores. This tool allows both simple and advanced searching which are discussed in the article.

  • Market Research (II) - Top Store Analytics Marketing Insights

    Getting Started  

    In this article, we will demonstrate on how to uncover the marketing secret of any successful retail store using our Top Stores tool which allows you to spy on other successful dropshipping stores.

  • Market Research (I) - Top Store Analytics Basics

    Getting Started  

    Our top store analytics is a premium features that analyzes thousands of retail stores including dropshipping stores to provide you with powerful insights on the store contents, marketing methods and traffic generation techniques. Learn the basics in this article.

  • Product Catalog (II) - Details Page Layout

    Getting Started  

    In this article we will review tabular screen that opens when you click on any item on the product catalog. It contains many detailed and useful information about the particular product which is not available on supplier website.

  • Product Catalog (IV) - Using Search

    Getting Started  

    In this article, we will review the search functionality in product catalog. Both the simple and advanced searching aspects are discussed here.

  • Adding or Importing New Products To Your Store

    Getting Started  

    In this article, we explain how to add new products to your store using our chrome extension. The process is extremely easy and can be accomplished with a few mouse clicks.

  • Product Catalog (I) - Main Page Layout

    Getting Started  

    First thing you will need after creating your store is products that you can sell...products that are in demand...products that will generate massive profits. Our supplier database exactly allow you to do that. In this article, you will learn about the page layout and basic functionality of the various items on the page.

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