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Order Management (II) - Auto Fulfil Orders


You will need to meet following requirement to perform automated order fulfillment tasks using Anstrex Dropship Platform

  1. A functioning account on Anstrex Dropship Platform
  2. At least one functioning store supported by Anstrex Dropship Platform.
  3. The said store must be connected to Anstrex Dropship Platform as described here or here
  4. Chrome browser
  5. Anstrex Chrome browser extension
  6. An unprocessed or pending order with at least one product connected to Anstrex Dropship Platform. In other words, the order must contain a product that was imported to your store using Anstrex product import process. Only the products imported via Anstrex Dropship Platform can be fulfilled automatically.

Step By Step Instructions

  • Once you receive an order in your connected store from a customer, the order will be immediately visible under your place place orders page as shown below. The order will have "Unfulfilled" order status
  • Clicking on the + icon next to Order ID will reveal the order details including the product(s) for the particular order as shown below
  • The Order details section will contain important details about the order as described here
  • To fulfil an order, click on the green Order button as shown below. You will see several different options for placing the order with your supplier
    • Manual Order: In this case our chrome extension will guide you through the entire fulfilment process step-by-step giving you opportunity to edit information at each step. Here is a list of suppliers we support for manual ordering process.
    • Auto Place Orders Choose Shipping: This will be a semi-automated process where the Chrome extension will automate all the steps except Shipping option choice. Here is a list of suppliers we support for semi-automatic ordering process.
    • Auto Place Orders: This will be fully automated process where you will go through the entire process without any intervention and you will have to click only once at the end of the process to place the order. Here is a list of suppliers we support for fully-automatic ordering process.
  • Clicking on any of the options above will initiate the order fulfillment process which will be controlled by our Chrome browser extension. Following events will take place:
    • Product page on supplier site will open in a new browser tab and you will see a window on the top right corner of the browser which will guide you through the fulfillment steps as shown in the screenshot below:
    • The first step will be selecting the correct product variant and quantity. If you have clicked on Auto Place Orders or Auto Place Orders Choose Shipping , this step will be automatically completed otherwise you will be promoted to enter the quantity and variant as shown below:

    • You will then be prompted to select Shipping method as shown below. If you have clicked on Auto Place Orders, this step will be automatically completed otherwise you will be promoted to select desired shipping option as shown. Please note that customer shipping address will automatically populated by our extension
    • Next, you will be prompted to select your payment method from the available choices. If no payment method is available on supplier site, you will have to enter the payment information.

    • Finally, you will be promoted to click on place order link to complete the order as shown below. This step is never automated to give you opportunity to review the order before submission.

    • Once the order is successfully placed, you will see a success message as shown below

    • You can now return back to Place Order page on Anstrex. When you go to this page, you will see an updated page with following changes
      • You will see a modal window at the bottom that will show a green check mark with order detail indicating that the order was successfully placed.
      • In addition, within the order table you will now see a Supplier Order Number that was obtained after placing your order successfully. The green colored Order button will also disappear since the order was successfully placed.
    • Please note that the fulfillment status will still be marked as Unfulfilled because most supplier take some time to successfully process the order and generate a tracking number. These events can be tracked using our Sync Order function. The fulfillment status will change to Fulfilled after supplier acknowledges the order and generates a tracking number during the Sync Order process.
  • Please also note that the sequence of various steps may vary depending on the supplier. In this article, we have described the fulfillment process for AliExpress orders. Steps will vary for other supported suppliers.