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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Anstrex-Dropship

Getting Started

We highly recommend these steps to get accustomed to our platform in the following order:

  1. Start with our Video Tutorials
  2. Read our Getting Started article series to get familiar with the UI
  3. Next learn about the Product Features to fully understand how you can use the various options the platform provides
  4. Finally read our Advanced Topics & Strategies articles to become a master at finding winning campaigns to improve your ROI.

We only support Google Chrome browser for Anstrex Dropship Tool. This tool requires a browser extension that is currently developed only for Chrome browser. In addition, the platform has been built and thoroughly tested on Google Chrome.

If you are currently subscribed to Anstrex Native or Anstrex Push, you will have automatic access to Anstrex Dropship. Please click on the Anstrex Logo on the top left hand corner of the page. You will see Anstrex Dropship as an available option as shown below. You will have free access to this tool until it is in beta.

No. Anstrex dropship is completely free at the moment. No payment method is required

We currently support Shopify e-commerce platform

We currently support Ali-Express. Support for other suppliers is coming soon.

Please note that we currently support AliExpress for product sourcing and fulfillment.

In order to get supplier id of any product from website, please visit the aliexpress product page of interest. In the URL bar of your browser, you will find the supplier id of the aliexpress item as highlighted in the screenshot below:

To get the link/URL of the Ali-Express supplier, please follow these steps:

  1. On any product page, you will see supplier store name at the top of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below
  2. Click on the supplier store link. It will open a new tab in the browser pointing to supplier store.
  3. Copy the URL from your browser as shown below

Product Features

In order to integrate your Shopify store with Anstrex, you will need to install our Shopify app. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings page
  2. When you go to settings page, you should be in tab marked "Stores". If not, click on "Stores" tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on the blue button marked "+ Add Store" on top right hand corner
  4. Select the store type as "Shopify"
  5. Enter your store web URL, for example,
  6. You will be now asked for to install our app on your store, please go ahead and install the app.

Currently there is a hard limit of 10 stores per user account.

Go to our chrome web store extension page and click on Install button. The extension will install within a few seconds on your chrome browser and you will be prompted for next steps.

Please take a look at this article and you may want to watch the following video as well


  1. Under your user profile icon n the dropdown menu, you will see an entry called Payment Info as shown below
  2. Please select payment info and you will be taken to your payment page. Alternatively you can click here to go directly to your payment info page. You will see all your subscription plans in the subscription widget. Select the plan you would like to cancel as shown below:
  3. After selecting the plan, you will see an option Cancel Subscription as shown below:
  4. Click on Cancel Subscription link to cancel your subscription

Please note that your subscription will continue until the end of your current subscription period. There will be no future recurring charges following the end of your subscription. If you are within 48 hours of your subscription begin date and wish to request full refund, contact our customer support at to get the full refund.

Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, we encourage you to add a secondary backup payment method should your primary payment method fail for some reason. Adding a secondary payment method is extremely easy. Please follow these steps to add a new payment method.

  1. Under your user profile icon n the dropdown menu, you will see an entry called Payment Info as shown below
  2. Please select payment info and you will be taken to your payment page. Alternatively you can click here to go directly to your payment info page. You will see all your subscription plans in the subscription widget. Click on Payment Methods as shown below:
  3. On the next screen, click on Add New Button as shown below:
  4. After clicking Add New, you will have the option to provide a new payment method as shown below:

You can easily upgrade your membership by going to the drop-down menu under your user name. There is an option called payment info in this dropdown menu. Please select this option to go to your payment page. Alternatively you can go to your payment page by clicking here. On your payment info screen, you will have to select the plan you want to upgrade/downgrade to. After you select the plan, please click red button labelled Update Plan. Your plan will be updated/downgrade with immediate effect. Your current month invoice will show pro-rated cost. Your next month invoice will show the renewed cost.

When you downgrade your membership in the middle of your billing cycle, your next invoice will be prorated. This means that you will be paying the higher membership cost for the days during which you had upgraded membership. Therefore the cost of the invoice immediately after downgrading or upgrading is different than actual subscription charges. However, all your subsequent invoices will have the actual subscription cost for that particular plan.

Cancellation IS NOT EQUAL to refund. When you cancel the subscription, our payment gateway will stop billing in future (from the day of cancellation). However, the charge for the current month is not refunded. If you are within first 48 hours of your current subscription period, you are entitled to a refund. Please contact support and let us know. We will process your refund as soon as possible.

We accept payment via a valid Credit/Debit card and PayPal at the moment.


Click on the forgot password link on the login page. You will be prompted to enter your email address that is registered with us. Upon receiving the email address, we will send you a reset password link to your inbox. Please follow the link and reset your password.

Please contact us at We will ask you to provide us with some verifiable information to manually reset your password.

Please look in the spam folder of your inbox. If you still don't see any verification email, please open a support ticket.