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Product Catalog (III) - Using Search


In the previous article, we documented the use of various filters and sorting methods to narrow down the data of the interest. In this article, we will provide you details on search functionality available in product catalog to precisely identify the items from the results page.

To invoke search screen, click on the search button on the top right hand corner of the screen just below the slider bar as shown in the image below

Clicking on the above button will open a pop up modal window as shown below:

As evident from the above figure, there are two main types of search functions available:

  • Simple Search: Provides a simple user interface to search various fields quickly
  • Advanced Search: Provides an extensive number of options and logical operators to create complex search expressions.

We will discuss both in the following sections

Simple Search

Simple Search, as the name suggests, provides functionality to perform relatively simple searches. For example, if you want to perform search on a single field, this search function will be ideal for such a search.

This function can search following fields

  1. Item Title
  2. Item Description
  3. Supplier Item Number
  4. Supplier SKU

You can only select 1 field at a time using the radio button. Clicking on the blue search button will initiate the search after populating search field with a value.

Advanced Search

Advanced search has access to all the filters, sliders and aforementioned search fields. You can build complex search expressions using logical operators such as AND/OR/NOT.

The user interface is extremely intuitive and allows rapid building of expressions. The best way to explain this search functionality is with several examples as shown below:

Advanced Search Expression - Example 1
#Here is explanation of the example search 1

Search for Items Whose  Supplier=Aliexpress AND items Ships-From USA AND Total-Orders > 500 
-----> Sort the results by Duration (number of days at supplier site) in Descending Order.
Advanced Search Expression - Example 2
#Here is explanation of the example search 2

Search for Items Whose (Supplier=AliExpress AND Shipping-Method=Epacket AND Price > $30) OR (Supplier=Banggood AND Shipping-Method=USPS AND Price > 30)


As evident from the above explanation, the product search functionality in Anstrex is extremely powerful and yet simple. Simple search will serve novice users and situations which demand single field searching. On the other hand, Advanced search will serve more experienced users and allows the user to build extremely complex and powerful search expressions.