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Getting Started

Getting Started - Before You Begin

Welcome to Anstrex Dropship! Before you start using our platform, please read this article to get acquainted with what steps you need to take to get maximum out of our platform.

Product Research Using Supplier Database (I) - Page Layout

First thing you will need after creating your store is products that you can sell...products that are in demand...products that will generate massive profits. Our supplier database exactly allow you to do that. In this article, you will learn about the page layout and basic functionality of the various items on the page.

Product Research Using Supplier Database (II) - Item Details

In this article, we will learn about getting specific details on any item in our supplier database. You will realize how easy it is to access data such as item description, monthly sales data, geographic breakdown of buyers, shipping data, product images etc. using a few mouse clicks.

Market Research Using Top Store Analytics (I) - Basics

Our top store analytics is a premium features that analyzes thousands of retail stores including dropshipping stores to provide you with powerful insights on the store contents, marketing methods and traffic generation techniques. Learn the basics in this article.

Adding New Products To Your Store

In this article, we explain how to add new products to your store using our chrome extension. The process is extremely easy and can be accomplished with a few mouse clicks.

Managing Orders (I) - Order Listing View

Anstrex helps you to completely automate your order management with dropshipping suppliers with the aid of our web app and chrome browser extension. This article provides you with a quick overview of the entire process.

Dropship Product Research

This video is an introduction to our supplier database tool that helps you to identify hot selling products from various suppliers including Ali-Express.