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Viral Products (I) - Main Page Layout

Please watch our video tutorial on our Viral Product tool for more detailed information.


The viral products tool helps you to find hottest dropshippable products that have gone viral on various social media platforms. Let's learn on how to use this tool to further enhance your research strategies.

In this article we will learn about the key components and layout on the main page.

Page Layout

Just like product research tool, this page contains various products laid out in the form of cards with each product and its parameters on an individual card as shown below:

Viral Products - Main Page Layout

As highlighted in the above figure, the screen layout includes following components:

  1. Dropdown Filter Menu Bar: This menu provides following filtering options
    1. Supplier: Here you can shortlist products based on the availability with various suppliers such as AliExpress, Banggood etc.
    2. Category: Using this filter, you can filter products belonging to a particular category. Products are classified into a large number of specific categories to easily find a list of products that matches the vertical you may be interested in.
    3. Sort By: The sort by option has following sorting methods available
      1. Date: Date on which the product was first seen on social media
      2. Price: Average supplier price of the product
      3. Likes: Number of likes received on the social media platform
      4. Shares: Number of shares received on the social media platform
      5. Comments: Number of comments received on the social media platform
      6. Views: Number of views
      7. Profit: Profit calculated by subtracting the supplier price from the selling price observed on a dropshipping store
  2. Search: Search the product using keywords
  3. Listing Area: This is the area where viral products are listed in a columnar format with each product listed on an individual card.

Product Listing

As mentioned earlier, each product is listed on a card along with all the important parameters comprehensively contained within the card so that a quick glance can provide all the key data that you might be interested in.

The following figure shows the key components of a viral product listing

Viral Products - Single Product Listing
  1. Date on which the product was first seen on a social media platform
  2. Product image
  3. Product name
  4. Supplier price (product cost)
  5. Retail price (obtained from a retail dropship store and represents the price at which you can sell this product in your store)
  6. Profit you can achieve by selling the product at the above price
  7. Likes the product received
  8. Comments the product received
  9. Shares the product received
  10. Views the product received


The above article shows you the layout and explains the various filtering and sorting method for viral products listing page.