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Product Catalog (II) - Details Page Layout

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In the previous article, we discussed the layout of the main screen/listing page in product catalog. In this article, we will review the tabbed page that is spawned when you click on any individual item on the listing page.

As mentioned, this page has a tabbed layout and each tab provides very specific and detailed information about the item you clicked on. The available tabs are as shown below:

Activating Multi-Tab View

After filtering the data, you can access item specific data just by clicking on the item. When you click on any item from the listing page, you will be presented with a multi-tab view specific to the item you clicked. The animated screenshot shows this step below:

Activate Multi-Tab View By Clicking on Any Item

Multi Tab View Details

Product Catalog Details Page Tab Components

The tab components as shown in the image above are as follows:

  1. Description: Contains detailed item description
  2. Sales History: Contains monthly sales history of the item
  3. Variant/SKU: Contains a list of item variants and the price of each
  4. Geo: Contains the item interest by countries
  5. Images: Contains all the item images provided by the supplier
  6. Shipping Methods: Contains available shipping methods for various countries

In addition, there are two buttons on the right hand corner

  1. View Item: Opens supplier page in a new browser tab
  2. Add To Store: Provides instructions for adding this item to your store

Let's review each tab in detail

Description Tab

Item Description Tab View

As shown in the above animation, this tab contains the complete description of the item along with images and text.

Sales History Tab

This tab provides monthly sales data for the item in a graphical and tabular format as shown below:

Sales History Tab Components
  1. Sales History Graph: Graphical representation of monthly sales history of the item. Horizontal X Axis, represents the month/year and Vertical Y axis represents the number of orders.
  2. CSV Export Button: The button allows you to export the data in comma separated value (CSV) text format which can be opened in a spreadsheet.
  3. Sales History Table: Graphical data represented in the form of table. Both columns, Date & Number of Orders are sortable.

Variant/SKU Tab

This tab shows the variant or sku data of the items in the tabular format as shown below

Variant SKU Tab

The table has following columns

  • Variant Description
  • Variant Quantity (at the time data was last extracted)
  • Variant Price (at the time data was last extracted)
  • Discounted Price (at the time data was last extracted)
  • Percent and Dollar Discount values

Geo Tab

This tab shows interest/sales of the item by country. The tab shows following information:

Geo Tab
  1. Data in graphical pie chart format. Each pie slice represents percent value for each country
  2. Pie chart legend which shows color code for each country
  3. Data in tabular format with 2 columns, country name and percent value. Both the columns are sortable.

Images Tab

This tab shows high resolution available images of the item. The essential components of this tab are as follows:

Images Tab
  1. Images Download Button: This button downloads all the images on your computer in a zip format.
  2. Image Thumbnails: Clicking on the thumbnails enlarges it on the screen.

Shipping Methods Tab

This tab shows available shipping methods. The components are as shown below:

Shipping Methods Tab
  1. Dropdown Menu that allows you to select the country
  2. Available shipping methods for the country in tabular format. The table has following columns:
    1. Shipping Company Name
    2. Estimated Shipping Time
    3. Tracking Availability
    4. Shipping Cost

View Item Button

In addition, you will see a yellow button "View Item" on this multi tab view. Clicking this button will open the supplier page in a new browser tab. Please take a look at the following screenshot:

View Item Button


In this article, we got an understanding of how you can get details on any particular item/product from our supplier database. The data available in this detailed multi tab view is extremely insightful and some of which is not available on supplier database or anywhere else for that matter.