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  • How to Use FTP to Upload Landers Directly on Your Hosting Account


    Get introduced to uploading your landing pages to your favorite hosting providers using FTP

  • Basic Search

    Intermediate Topics  

    This function allows you to perform a no-frills quick search on ad-titles using single keywords or short phrases.

  • Manage Your FTP/SFTP Server Accounts To Upload Landing Pages

    Intermediate Topics  

    This article explains how to connect your FTP or SFTP account to Anstrex so you can seamlessly transfer you landing pages directly to your server.

  • Manage Your AWS Server Accounts To Upload Landing Pages

    Intermediate Topics  

    This article will show you how to manage your server account(s) to anstrex platform so you can upload landing pages directly to your server with a few mouse clicks. Please note that at this time we only support uploads to AWS S3 and Cloudfront CDN services only.

  • Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Affiliate Network Filter

    Advanced Strategies  

    If you are looking to promote campaigns from your favorite affiliate network(s), look no further.

  • Importance of Filtering By Trackers

    Advanced Strategies  

    Why are third party tracking tools important? Why do we track them? Why Should you use them?

  • Download & Deploy Landing Pages - Full Guide with Screenshots

    Intermediate Topics  

    This article describes Download & Deploy functionality of Anstrex and all the relevant features. This feature allows you to download any landing page, edit & customized the page, optimize for faster loading, and deploy it on your server. Please note that we currently support only AWS S3/Cloudfront for deploy function.

  • Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Advanced Queries

    Advanced Strategies  

    In this strategy we will combine the strategies used in each of the first 3 articles of this series into a single query using advanced search feature of this platform.

  • Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Basic Keyword Search & Filters

    Advanced Strategies  

    In this strategy, we will primarily use various keywords to filter out the unwanted results. We will further narrow down successful campaigns using two parameters called ad-strength and ad-gravity.

  • Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Long Running (All Time)

    Advanced Strategies  

    This strategy is very similar to Part I of this series. It focuses on campaigns that have been running or have ran in the past for a very long time.

  • Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Long Running (Recent)

    Advanced Strategies  

    This is the simplest of all strategies to find winning affiliate campaigns. You don't need to use any advanced search features to get some pretty good data.

  • Bulk Download of Creatives / Ads

    Intermediate Topics  

    This article will show you how to download multiple creatives quickly on your computer.

  • Stash Your Favorites

    Intermediate Topics  

    What do you do when you come across a very good ad campaign and you want to revisit in the future? Just bookmark it as a favorite. We will store it for you.

  • Set Up Alerts

    Intermediate Topics  

    This incredible feature will allow you to keep an eye on your competition by receiving immediate notifications in your inbox.

  • Advanced Search - Part II - Saving, Recalling and Deleting Search

    Intermediate Topics  

    Avoid mundane tasks. Learn to save your frequent searches and recall them with a few mouse clicks.

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