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  • Manage Your Server Accounts To Upload Landing Pages

    Advanced Strategies 1

    This article will show you how to manage your server account(s) to anstrex platform so you can upload landing pages directly to your server with a few mouse clicks. Please note that at this time we only support uploads to AWS S3 and Cloudfront CDN services only.

  • Download & Deploy Landing Pages - Full Guide with Screenshots

    Advanced Strategies 2

    This article describes Download & Deploy functionality of Anstrex and all the relevant features. This feature allows you to download any landing page, edit & customized the page, optimize for faster loading, and deploy it on your server. Please note that we currently support only AWS S3/Cloudfront for deploy function.

  • Landing Page Gallery - Download & Deploy On Steroids

    Advanced Strategies 2

    Our landing page gallery identifies some of the most lucrative and high converting pages and makes it extremely easy for you to deploy a similar customized page on your server in matter of minutes. Using this feature, you can split test a large number of pages in your campaign without any significant effort.

  • Importance of Filtering By Trackers

    Advanced Strategies 1

    Why are third party tracking tools important? Why do we track them? Why Should you use them?

  • Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Part I - Long Running (Recent)

    Advanced Strategies 3

    This is the simplest of all strategies to find winning affiliate campaigns. You don't need to use any advanced search features to get some pretty good data.

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