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  • (Native & Push) Integrate Cloudfront and Your Domain Name


    In this tutorial video, we will show you how you can use AWS S3 bucket to use your own domain name. In addition, we will show you how to integrate your AWS S3 bucket to a Cloudfront CDN distribution for lightening fast loading from any corner of the world.

  • (Native & Push) Link Amazon AWS Account To Anstrex


    This tutorial video shows how to link your AWS account to Anstrex to directly deploy your ripped landing pages to your S3 bucket for public hosting. It is a great time saver and highly convenient way to quickly deploy landing pages on demand and split test them.

  • Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Long Running (Recent)

    Advanced Strategies  

    The most simplest way to find winning affiliate campaign is to use our long running sort method to find successful campaigns.

  • Stash Your Favorites

    Intermediate Topics  

    What do you do when you come across a very good ad campaign and you want to revisit in the future? Just bookmark it as a favorite. We will store it for you.

  • Set Up Alerts

    Intermediate Topics  

    This incredible feature will allow you to keep an eye on your competition by receiving immediate notifications in your inbox.

  • Pay Anstrex Subscription Using Crypto Currency

    Getting Started  

    This article provides a step-by-step instructions on how to make payment for Anstrex products using a crypto currency wallet. Please review these steps before proceeding with the payment.

  • Manage Your Subscription and Billing

    Getting Started  

    Familiarize yourself with payment information screen that allows you to change your billing details, subscription status, billing history, invoices, and upgrade/downgrade/cancellation of service.

  • Manage Your Personal Settings

    Getting Started  

    Familiarize yourself with user profile screen that allows you to change your password and other user parameters.

  • (Native) Detailed Analysis of Ad Campaigns


    You can spy on your competitors' ads and get a complete picture of the entire ad campaign from a single ad. This tutorial video demonstrates all the features.

  • (Native & Push) Advanced Search


    Advaced Search capabilities of Anstrex are second to none. This feature allows you to precisely search for the ad campaigns and creatives that you are looking for. Take a look at the tutorial video,

  • Find All The Ads From A Campaign on Creatives Tab

    Getting Started  

    Learn about Creatives Tab which provides information about all the creatives from a given campaign in a clear and concise fashion.

  • Find The Device Targeted For Any Campaign

    Getting Started  

    The Device tab provides traffic distribution of a given ad campaign with respect to the device platform.

  • Get Daily Activity of an Ad From Statistics Tab

    Getting Started  

    The Statistics tab provides daily activity of the ad for the entire year with the help of completely customizable bar chart.

  • Get General Ad Overview From Synopsis Tab

    Getting Started  

    The Synopsis tab provides basic useful information about any native ad presented on our listing page. The article describes all the information you can find on the synopsis tab.

  • Quickly Filter Ads To Find Successful Campaigns

    Getting Started  

    Drop-down filtering is the most essential feature of Anstrex platform. It allows you to narrow your searches quickly.

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