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Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Long Running (Recent)

Strategy in a Nutshell

The idea behind this strategy is that if the campaign has been running continuously for multiple weeks, it is very likely profitable. We also want to look at the campaigns that have been doing well in recent months. Therefore, we will use following two parameters for identifying the campaigns

  1. Ad Networks - We will select ad networks that sees a lot of affiliate action
  2. Day Last Seen - The last day a given ad was seen
  3. Days Running Slider - This slider allows you to filter the ads based on the number of days they have been running


  1. First you need to identify the ad-networks which has a lot of affiliate traffic. We recommend you to all of the following networks at the very least. Start with any one, and then cycle through all of them
    1. Revcontent
    3. Mgid
    4. Earnify
    5. Spoutable
  2. Use the ad-network filter to view ads from any one of the above network.
  3. Next, change the sorting order to Date-Last-Seen (Desc). Remember, you want the ads to be ordered such that latest running ads are at the top.
  4. Now adjust the Days Running slider (the leftmost slider) and set it to 15 or higher. This means that you are filtering out the ads that have not run for at least 15 days.
  5. You should start seeing some valuable information on the screen. You can continue to adjust the slider to narrow down the results further (By increasing slider value, you will see less number of ads and likelihood of finding new niches will decrease while likelihood of finding well-established niches increases)
  6. Next step is to look at the data associated with these creatives by looking at the detailed tabbed view for each creative. Here, you will find valuable information such as Publisher, landing pages, various other ads that have been tried for the particular campaign, countries where the ad has been running, affiliate network data (if any) etc.
  7. Use this data to set up your campaign and enjoy the success.

You have already bypassed weeks of testing phase and saved significant amount of money by following this very simple strategy!

Here is a short video demonstrating this strategy.