Getting Started - Before You Begin | Dropship Tool

Getting Started - Before You Begin


Welcome to Anstrex Dropship! Before you start using our platform, please read this article to get acquainted with what steps you need to take to get maximum out of our platform. You will need to take following steps as described below

Browser Choice

We would request you to use Google Chrome browser while using Anstrex Dropship platform. This is because our platform works in conjunction with our browser extension which is currently available only on Chrome (see below). In addition, we extensively test and debug our tools and our web app on Chrome browser and hence optimal performance is guaranteed only on Chrome. While other browsers, such as Firefox or Safari may work, the performance is not guaranteed. Please keep that in mind while using our platform.

Download Chrome Extension

You will also need to download and install the Anstrex Dropship Extension for Chrome browser from Google Web Store. Please note that adding orders to your store, order management, inventory control and order fulfillment are supported with the help of chrome extension. Not having the extension on your browser will severely limit the functionality of our web application and advertised features.

Connect Your Store

We currently support Shopify E-commerce Store Platform and Woo-Commerce Store Platforms. Please connect your store to Anstrex by steps highlighted in the above linked pages.

Set Up Pricing Rules

Before you start adding products to your store, it is very important that you set up pricing rules for each store. The pricing rules will determine how much profit will be added to the cost price of the item before it is added to your store. To get started follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings page of Anstrex dropship web app. Also refer to pricing rules guide and pricing rules video for more information.
  2. Click on the pricing tab on the top of the screen as shown below
  3. On the pricing tab, you will see 2 options.
    1. Simple Pricing Rules: These rules applies to all the items that you import into the store using Anstrex platform irrespective of the original cost price of the item. In the absence of Advanced Pricing Rules, as described below, these rules will apply.
    2. Advanced Pricing Rules: These rules apply selectively depending on the original cost price of the item. This is helpful if you want your profit margins to vary depending on cost price of the item.
  4. Please refer to these section for more technical details on pricing rules.