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Importance of Filtering By Trackers

What are tracking tools?

A tracking tool simply measures the incoming and outgoing traffic on your website. Of course, most of the tools perform a lot of other tasks but in a nutshell they are used for measuring the performance of your campaign. You can analyze the data to provide answers to questions like this:

  • How many visitors are converting from a given traffic source or a campaign?
  • How many visitors are actually clicking on the links on my page?
  • How many visitors are coming from mobile devices? which mobile carrier? which country?
  • At what time of the day am I seeing maximum ROI etc. etc.

There are many vendors that provide this service. Some are SAAS (Software as a Service) platforms and others are self-hosted where you are expected to host the package on your own server and manage it yourself for a monthly fee or a flat fee.

Why do you check the presence of the tracking tools for an advertiser?

As alluded in the previous paragraph, the tracking tools allow you to measure the performance of a campaign to extreme details and weed out poorly performing placements/campaigns/traffic sources. You can, therefore, expect these tools to be used mostly by performance marketers and affiliate marketers whose primary goal is a positive ROI for the paid campaigns. Most brand advertisers and viral blog sites typically do not use these tools.

Here at Anstrex, we collect thousands of new ads and data points every single day. Most of the data comes from brand advertisers and viral sites. Having said that there is still a significant amount of data that belongs to performance/affiliate marketers.

Until now we did not have a good tool for our performance marketers to filter out the viral blog sites and brand advertising campaigns. However, this task has become ridiculously simple now with the tracker filter.

Which tracking tools are you able to detect?

Currently, we are focusing on tools mostly used by affiliate marketers and performance advertisers. Therefore, our scrapers are designed to detect following tracking tools

  1. Voluum
  2. Binom
  3. Thrive Tracker
  4. Funnel Flux
  5. Prosper202
  6. AdsBridge
  7. CPVLab

How do I use this tool?

The easiest way to use this tool is to click on the Trackers. From the drop down menu click on ALL. That's it!

Trackers Drop Down Menu

After you select ALL, you will see ads belonging to either affiliate campaigns or performance marketers. You can apply various other filters, sliders and sorting methods to further narrow down the results.

You can also select individual trackers (instead of ALL option) from the drop down menu, if you are interested in campaigns belonging to a specific tracking tool.


Tracking Tool Filter provides you with an insanely easy method to separate out the brand advertising campaigns and viral blog sites from affiliate and performance marketing campaigns. If you consider yourself in the latter category, this is a must use tool.