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Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Long Running (All Time)

Strategy in a Nutshell

This idea is very similar to the idea discussed in Part I of this article series. The main difference is that we will focus on longest running campaigns that are running successfully currently or have ran successfully in the past. We will use the following parameters for this strategy:

  1. Ad Networks - We will select ad networks that sees a lot of affiliate action
  2. Duration - The total duration of the ad
  3. Keyword - A keyword that defines the genre or niche

When we use the Duration as a sorting order, we are identifying ads that have been running for months (and years in some cases). This guarantees that the campaign was profitable for the advertiser. The idea is to learn as much as we can from these strategies (even if it is not being used currently) and create similar campaigns leveraging the successful ideas we acquired using this strategy.


  1. First you need to identify the ad-networks which has a lot of affiliate traffic. We recommend you to all of the following networks at the very least. Start with any one, and then cycle through all of them
    1. Revcontent
    3. Mgid
    4. Earnify
    5. Spoutable
  2. Use the ad-network filter to view ads from any one of the above network.
  3. Next, change the sorting order to Duration (Desc). Remember, you want to see the ads which have been running for very long time. This particular sorting method will give you exactly that.
  4. Enter the desired keyword(s) for the genre that you are targeting. This step will help you to narrow the results
  5. The screen should show you some relevant information at this point. You can try various different keywords and identify the ads that are interesting. You can also add the interesting ads to your favorite list by clicking on the favorite() icon.
  6. Next step is to look at the data associated with these creatives by looking at the detailed tabbed view for each creative. Here, you will find valuable information such as Publisher, landing pages, various other ads that have been tried for the particular campaign, countries where the ad has been running, affiliate network data (if any) etc.

Even if the ads are currently not active, you will still be able to gain useful information and apply it to your campaigns.

Here is the video demo.