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Find All The Ad Networks Being Used By Any Campaign

How do I get to ad networks tab?

To get to the ad networks tab, go to the listing page. You will see multiple ads based on your search criteria. Clicking on any ad title will open a detailed view. Click on the ad networks tab.

Ad Networks Tab: Nuts & Bolts

The ad networks tab gives you insight into which ad networks the advertiser is using to promote the campaigns. The essential elements of the ad networks tab are annotated in the figure below:

Ad Networks Tab

As noted in the above figure, here are the key elements of this tab:

  1. Pie Chart - This chart shows the relative %traffic from each ad network
  2. Chart Legend - Legend provides you with color coded labels for each pie slice
  3. Ad Networks Table - This shows the tabulated view of the ad network chart with the ad network and percent traffic columns, date first seen, date last seen and the duration(days).
  4. Arrows - The up and down arrow helps to sort in ascending and descending order.
Ad Networks Tab Top Advertisers
  1. Plus symbol - Expanding on the plus symbol, it shows the top advertisers on that respective ad network.
  2. Selection tab - Select the number of top advertiser you would like to see from that ad network.
  3. Click on the advertiser to see their different creative pages.
To view ad-network data only for a particular ad or creative click on the "Aggregate By Creative" radio button as shown in the screenshot below:
Aggregate By Radio Button