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Find the Publishers and Widget IDs for Any Campaign

How do I get to publishers tab?

To get to the publishers tab, go to the listing page. You will see multiple ads based on your search criteria. Clicking on any ad title will open a detailed view. Click on the publishers tab.

Publishers Tab: Nuts & Bolts

Publishers tab provides you with the list of websites where the current advertiser's ads are showing. The screen consists of following elements as shown in the labelled figure below:

Publishers Tab

As noted in the above figure, here are the key elements of this tab:

  1. Bubble Chart - This chart shows the relative %traffic from each publisher with respect to its Alexa Rank (y-axis) and duration in days (x-axis)
  2. Publishers Table - This shows the tabulated view of the publisher chart with useful information publisher domain, percent traffic, duration, date-first-seen, date-last-seen, Alexa Rank columns
  3. Widget Id Export - Clicking on this button allows you to export the widget-id/publisher-id of the selected publisher into a comma separated string so you can easily copy and paste the string into your whitelist/blacklist
  4. Ad Network Filter - This drop-down allows you to limit the data to a single ad-network. For example, you want to see the publishers only from Revcontent.
  5. Ad Network Label - You can see the name of the ad-network(s) corresponding to each publisher
Publisher Tab With Top Advertisers
  1. Plus symbol - Expanding on the plus symbol, it shows the top advertisers on that respective ad network.
  2. Selection tab - Select the number of top advertiser you would like to see from that ad network.
  3. Click on the advertiser to see their different creative pages.
To view publisher data only for a particular ad or creative click on the "Aggregate By Creative" radio button as shown in the screenshot below:
Aggregate By Radio Button
To export table data or widget ID data, select the publishers and click on the appropriate button. You can also click the checkbox on the table header to select all rows as shown below:
Select CSV Widget ID Checkbox