Find Real Time Bids And CPC Bid History For a Campaign | Push Tool

Find Real Time Bids And CPC Bid History For a Campaign

How do I get to creatives tab?

To get to the creatives tab, go to the listing page. You will see multiple ads based on your search criteria. Clicking on any ad title will open a detailed view. Click on the Bid History tab. Please note that this tab is not available for every creative. If this tab is missing that means that we don't have CPC bids for this creative and campaign.

Creatives Tab: Nuts & Bolts

This is an immensely useful feature because it exactly shows you how much the advertiser is bidding on CPC basis for the campaign. In this tab you will see a chart that shows the current bid as well as bid history for the given campaign. You will see multiple line charts (one per each country as shown below) with CPC bids in US dollars on Y-axis of the chart and date on the X-axis. Default view shows history only for last 15 days. However you can zoom in our out using our radar view at the bottom of the chart.

This data not only tells you how much you should bid for a campaign in any given country for any given ad-network but you can also gauge the success of a campaign by looking at its bid history. If the trend shows that bids have been increasing over time, chances are that the campaign is successful with a positive ROI.

Bid History Tab