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Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Affiliate Network Filter

Strategy in a Nutshell

This strategy identifies ads that promote offers from a given affiliate network. It is a very simple strategy and yet very quick to implement because you probably already have access to the offer. We use only a single dropdown filter namely Affiliate Network filter for this.


The affiliate network filter at the time of writing this article has data from over 175 different affiliate networks. Since the number of networks is so large, this dropdown has 2 levels with the first level being the first letter of the Alphabet. Please note that the number mentioned in the parenthesis next to each affiliate network represents the number of ads for each network. Select the desired affiliate network from the dropdown and you have the results.

Using dropdown filters allow you to select only one affiliate network at a time. If you wish to see data from more than one affiliate network at the same time, use the advanced search query builder.

Both these strategies are shown in the video below: