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Pop Ad Campaign Details: Synopsis

How do I get to synopsis tab?

To get to the synopsis tab, go to the listing page. You will see multiple ads based on your search criteria. Clicking on any ad title will open a detailed view. Synopsis tab opens by default. If it not open, you can always click on it.

Synopsis Tab: Nuts & Bolts

The synopsis tab gives you a nice overview of the ad you have clicked. It gives you following information per the screenshot referenced below:

Pops Synopsis Tab

This screen is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Button Bar - This area includes various important information about the ad itself. This information is accessible via various buttons as shown in the above screenshot. The buttons are as follows:
    1. Full Screenshot button - This button has the same effect as clicking on the preview image. It opens a full sized screenshot of the landing page.
    2. Visit Page button - This button opens the landing page in a new tab on your browser
    3. Copy URL - You can copy the URL of destination page in your PC buffer and paste it in your browser. For some campaigns, if they are using a third-party tracker, this method is recommended.
    4. URL Chain - This button will show you inbound and outbound URL chains for the given landing page. When you click on any ad, the page usually gets redirected one or more times from different domains before arriving at the landing page. These redirections are usually done for tracking purposes. You will get an insight into the URL chains using this button. You may find useful things like tracking systems used by the advertiser, identify affiliate networks etc. In addition, you may be able to see cloaked landers using the chains.
    5. Download & Deploy - This button initiates the landing page download tool.
  2. Ad Network Name - Name/Logo of the ad-network that was responsible for showing this ad
  3. Creative - It shows ad landing page which acts as a creative for pop ads