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Listing Page Layout

Main Content Area

The primary content area also known as the listings page contains all the pop ads filtered and narrowed down per your specific search criteria. The ads are displayed in what is known as a masonry layout. It is a multi column layout where the number of columns are dictated by the width of the browser window. The pop ads are vertically placed in optimal position based on available space, sort of like a mason fitting bricks in a wall. In the normal default mode, there is no pagination and the more ads get loaded onto the page as the user continues to scroll down (aka also known as infinite scrolling).

Pop Ads Layout of Ads On Listing Page

Ad Unit - Individual Elements

Now let's look at the individual elements for each ad. Each ad unit contains multiple elements that give you some important information about the ad unit at a glance. Some elements in these units are clickable while the others are not. You may see a tooltip that shows the name of each unit when you hover your mouse over those units.

Single Pop Ad Unit

Let's take a look at each of these elements:

  1. Date-First-Seen - The date on which this ad was first seen
  2. Date-Last-Seen - The date on which this ad was last seen
  3. Ad Type - Type of ad for example pop-up, domain redirect, interstitial etc.
  4. Landing Page Image - A screenshot copy of the landing page of the ad
  5. Ad-Gravity - The ad-gravity parameter
  6. Ad-Strength - The ad-strength parameter
  7. Like / Favorite Button - Clicking on this button stores the ad to your favorite
  8. Ad-Network Label - The name of the ad network which displayed this ad
  9. Affiliate-Network Label (if any) - Name of the affiliate network (if any). If there is more than one affiliate network, you will see +1 label. You can see the other names of the associated affiliate networks by hovering your mouse over +1 label
  10. Platform/Device Icon - Whether the ad was seen on Desktop or Mobile (iOS/Android)
  11. Tracker (if Any) - Shows the name of the third party tracking tool used by the advertiser.
  12. Mobile Carrier Label (if Any) - If the ad was observed on a mobile device, this label shows the name of the mobile carrier.
  13. Geo/Country Flag Icons - These flag icons show in which country this particular ad was seen. Hovering over the flags will reveal the name of the country.
Important Tip: When you are scrolling down this page, the Nav/Menu Bar at the top will hide to maximize the usage of the available browser real estate. You can unhide the Nav/Menu Bar by scrolling backwards.

Online Chat

At the bottom right hand corner of the listing page you will see a floating icon as shown below. You can click on it to get chat with us and ask us any questions that you may have.

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