(Native) Affiliate Offer Wall: Explained

How do I get to Affiliate Offer Wall?

Please click on your user name to reveal a drop-down menu.

You will see an option called Affiliate Offer Wall in the drop-down menu. Selecting this option, will open a new tab with Offer Wall page.

What is Affiliate Offer Wall?

Traditional way of finding affiliate campaigns involves sifting through the ads using various filters and specific keywords. But we have turned that model upside down.

We now provide you with a huge list of offers that have been identified as being run through various affiliate networks. At the time of writing, there are over 500 offers listed on the wall with new ones being added daily. These affiliate offers have been categorized and fully dissected to give you all the information you need to launch your next campaign.

Affiliate Offer Wall: Essential Elements

When you launch the Affiliate Offer Wall, you will see a view that is very similar to our ad listing page. Take a look at the screenshot below and the explanation of UI.

Affiliate Offer Wall UI
  1. Ad Network Filter - This filter allows you to filter the affiliate offers by any one ad-network (eg. Revcontent, Content.ad etc.)
  2. Country Filter - This filter allows you to filter the affiliate offers by any one country (eg. US, CA, UK etc.)
  3. Platform - This filter will allow you to identify whether the offer is running on desktop or mobile platforms
  4. Category - All the affiliate offers have been assigned to 1 of 25 categories that we have created (Diet/Weight Loss, Biz-Opp etc.)
  5. Affiliate Network - This filter will allow you to filter the offers based on the affiliate networks that are promoting those offers (eg. Clickbooth, W4, ClickSure etc.)
  6. Sort By - Various sorting options to sort the offers
  7. Search Box - To allow simple keyword search
  8. Filter Label - The label is visible if the data is being filtered using any one of the filters/keyword search
  9. Offer Wall Listing Area - Here all the offers are listed which can be browsed by scrolling. This area has infinite scrolling just like the ad listing page. New data is loaded at the bottom as you scroll through listed offers.

Detailed Look At Individual Offer

Now let's take a look at an individual offer

Individual Offer
  1. Date First Seen - Date when the offer was first seen
  2. Date Last Seen - Date when the offer seen last
  3. Screenshot Thumbnail - Thumbnail of the screenshot of the offer landing page
  4. Offer Details - Name of the offer domain and description
  5. Ad Network Label - Ad network where the offer was seen
  6. Affiliate Network Label - Affiliate network that is promoting the offer

Clicking on any offer will reveal a sliding modal with 3 tabs which are described as below

Detailed Offer View: Synopsis Tab

Let's look at a screenshot of the synopsis tab and the UI elements as shown below:

Synopsis Tab - Essential Elements
  1. Alexa Rank of the offer domain
  2. Offer category
  3. Bounce Rate - Page bounce rate data as provided by similarweb
  4. Affiliate Networks(s) - List of affiliate networks that are promoting this offer
  5. Alexa Global Traffic Data - Traffic rank, percent visitors to this offer from various countries
  6. Full Screenshot Button - Clicking on this button opens the full sized screenshot of the landing page
  7. Screenshot Thumbnail - Clicking on this will open full sized screenshot of the landing page
  8. Visit Page Button - Clicking on this button will open the page in a new browser tab
  9. Individual Offer View - Offer view as listed on the offer wall

Detailed Offer View: Creatives Tab

This tab shows the ads associated with the offer. Clicking on any ad will open a new modal that displays the details about that ad. You also have an option to sort the ads using different fields as shown in the screenshot below:

Creatives Tab - Essential Elements

Detailed Offer View: Landing Pages Tab

This tab shows the landing pages associated with the given offer. If there is more than one landing page, all the landing pages will be shown here. Please note that most affiliate offers have only one landing page. Very rarely you will see more than one landing page per offer. Following image is an exceptional case.

Landing Pages Tab