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(Native) Find Winning Affiliate Campaigns - Affiliate Offer Wall

Strategy in a Nutshell

This strategy assumes that you are interested in promote affiliate offers but are unsure about the specifics. We have built the Affiliate Offer Wall precisely for this reason. It gives you a broad insight into the affiliate marketing world. We have listed every single affiliate offer that we have encountered and listed them on this page. All you have to do is identify the offer(s) using various available filters and simply click on the offer to see the ad campaigns associated with this offer.


At the time of writing, we have over 1600 affiliate offers listed on our wall, so we highly recommend using filters to limit number of filters. As mentioned in the affiliate offer wall intro article, you have 6 filters and keyword search at your disposal to identify the offers of interest

  1. Let's say you want to review offers in the skincare niche. Select the Beauty/Skincare from the category dropdown menu on the offer wall.
  2. You will now see only the offers related to the above niche
  3. We would also recommend using Duration (Desc) as sorting method. The longest running offers will be listed at the top. Longer running offers are often stable offers.
  4. Select the offer you like. You will see an overlay with multiple tabs. Go to Creatives tab. Clicking on the creatives tab will reveal all the ads associated with the particular offer.
  5. Clicking on any one of the ads will open yet another overlay with multi tabs. This overlay is same as the one that you will see on the listing page. The overlay is described in detail in the Getting Started Article Series
  6. This second overlay allows you to get deeper insight into the campaign and will provide all the data you need to successfully launch your next campaign.